নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার ফলাফল
Coordination with Concern Ministries
ulti-Sectoral Programme on Violence Against Women

Ministry of Women and Children Affairs: (Lead Ministry)

The Ministry of Women & Children Affairs (MoWCA) will act as the lead ministry and consolidate, maintain and facilitate the coordination between the participating ministries and the programme with regard to smooth implementation and absorption and sustainability of the components implied in each individual ministry.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will have the responsibility for the maintenance of the One-Stop Crisis Centre (OCC) and One- Stop Crisis Cell (OCC) facilities and equipment.

Due to a costly and specialised training of all the key staff, the MoHFW will make sure that the Head of Department and Associated Heads of Medical Colleges and Hospitals of the related department will be retained in their function for at least three years in order to ensure continuation of this fairly new activity in Bangladesh. 

Required spaces will be allocated at selected 40 hospitals at district level and 20 at Upazila health complexes as per DPP for establishment of One-Stop Crisis Cells. Cooperation should be extended to allocate the selected space in order to establish of One-Stop Crisis Cell at district and upazila levels. 

Four doctors will be deployed for each of all the eight OCCs. One will be senior Medical Officer and act as Coordinator of the OCC for at least three years. The Ministry should make sure that at least one of the OCC doctors is a female and specialised in gynaecology. Six nurses have to be deployed for each OCC. The staffing will make sure that the OCCs and One Stop Crisis Cells are in operation 24 hours every day of the week. Forty RMOs will attach at forty One-Stop Crisis Cells at district level and twenty RMOs will attach at twenty One Stop Crisis Cells at upazila level. The function and staffing of the OCCs will be absorbed into the structure of the ministry after end of 3rd phase.

The ministry will fund salary for all the staff categories and pay TA/DA to the Steering Committee members coming from the divisional medical colleges and medical college hospitals.

Ministry of Home Affairs

Ministry of Home Affairs will second two police officers (at least one female) and two police constables (at least one female) to each of the OCCs. The police will report, file the case and undertake the required investigation of each case within the resources and facilities of the ministry. The ministry will provide the Police Officer with the authority to investigate all the cases division-wide.

The police officers will document all cases of violence against women and make the FIR accurately. They will deliver the FIR to relevant police station where the officer in-charge will finalise it. The Ministry of Home Affairs will extend all necessary cooperation to the programme for the training of all police personnel related to the programme. The ministry will further facilitate the participation and collaboration of police training personnel in the development of training materials and courses for subsequent training of police personnel in sensitive handling of violated and sexually abused women. The ministry will guide and advice on any matter that can improve the legal handling of criminal offences against women.

The ministry will fund salary for police officers and staffs and resources required for performing efficient investigation of each case.

Ministry of Information

Ministry of Information (MoI) will guide, distribute, broadcast and disseminate public Information materials. The Department of Mass Communication will be responsible for dissemination of anti-VAW messages through its network across the country.

Ministry of Social Welfare

Ministry of Social Welfare will deploy a Social Welfare Officer to all the OCCs in all seven divisions and Faridpur Medical College Hospital. The Social Welfare Officer will facilitate the women in the OCCs within the resources available in the ministry. The Ministry of Social Welfare will extend necessary cooperation for appropriate shelter service to the victims of violence.

The Ministry will fund salary for the Social Workers and shelter service in government institution.

Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs

Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs will facilitate in all matters that can promote and improve women’s access to the criminal justice system.

The Ministry will make sure that a DNA result can be used routinely as evidence in the legal and judicial system.

The Ministry will make sure that all relevant actors can participate in programme training in order to get required knowledge of all aspects of the functions of the OCCs, DNA Profiling and case handling.

The Ministry will review and take necessary action to amend existing laws, if needed, to facilitate speedy handling and trial of OCC cases and with regard to justice for violated women and children.

The Ministry will take necessary action to facilitate that the existing legal aid fund is made available for women victims of violence attended by the OCCs.

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education will ensure that anti-VAW information is included in teaching materials and facilitate the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education and National Curriculum and Textbook Board to review and revise the curriculum of secondary schools, National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM) and Bangladesh Madrasa Teachers Training Institution (MTTI) to include anti VAW issues and aspects in the training curricula. MoE can be an active participant in disseminating information and in awareness raising with its outreach of teachers at the school and madrasa level.

Ministry of Religious Affairs

Ministry of Religious Affairs will ensure that anti-VAW information is included in training curriculum for religious leaders and facilitate the Islamic Foundation to review and revise the training curriculum and content for regular training of imams throughout the country. MoRA can play an important role with religious leaders to remove stigma towards violence survivors and work as an agent for reintegration of survivors in the community.

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Ministry of Youth and Sports will play a strategic role in dissemination of messages and mobilizing young women and men against gender discrimination and violence in collaboration with other department agencies.

Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives
Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives will ensure that the anti-VAW issue is included in National Institution of Local Government (NILG). Also ensure to form a VAW committee in all Pourashava. LGD can be provided institutional support for dissemination information and in awareness raising activities in collaboration with other departments and agencies. Also take initiatives to strengthen the existing committees of District, Upazila and Union Parishad under the local government institution.